DISZIPLIN is the alter ego of Video Director and Producer Nicolás J. Scatamacchia. Argentinean by birth, Italian by heritage and Berliner by choice.
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as a child he found himself hypnotized by surrealism. As he grew into his teens, he discovered a literature genre coming from Latin America: Magic Realism. Both movements have influenced him. At the age of 21 he studied Film Direction at UCINE (www.ucine.edu.ar), a 5 year film degree. Upon graduation, he moved to Berlin, Germany, where he has been working in films, television & commercials. His work as a Director has been selected and screened in numerous festivals including, Argentina, Bosnia, Japan, Canada and Germany. He is currently working at the film lab Andec Film Technik (https://www.andecfilm.de) in Berlin, Germany while in parallel preparing his next short film.

Some of his clients: The European Union, AOK, VISA, Oreo, Doritos, Puma, Coca-Cola, Sprite